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Explore Your World.

Everyone Needs a Little TLC (Togetherness Love Community)

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"Best Hipcamp 2021 - Montana"

Devon Allan Towle - GGHQ- GG Founder & CEO

"Best Hipcamp 2022 - Canada"

Jennifer McCabe - GG Affiliate - The Taiga

Triple G's Resort
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Global Glamping is a full stack glamping company founded in 2020. From concept to glampcamp we partner with you to accelerate the progress of your investment and ensure a flawless launch. If you have an existing glampcamp we support your vision by designing and implementing a custom expansion plan. All of this is accomplished through our proprietary business blueprint carried out by highly trained and experienced professionals. By offering the very best in glamping structures, creative custom glampsite designs, landowner partnerships, construction and project management, an interactive booking app, and business consulting Global Glamping is the go-to company for all things glamping!

Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge

The glamping industry is booming and it doesn’t take long to start earning cash flow on your investment. Many of our customers pay off their investment within one busy season!



Your business will be cared for from day one by our specialized team of glamping professionals. We walk your through the process of designing, building and launching your customized glampsite!



Getting started in glamping can be confusing and worrisome. There are many fine details that need to be considered in stating and building a businesses within this industry. Experienced Global Glamping project managers make the process simple and help reduce stress by tackling the details for you!


With industry leaders and Devon Allan Towle at the helm, who is featured in Forbes magazine for his award winning Hipcamp.  You will be taken through a step by step process.  Devon and his team of Glamping experts will take through the glamping industry from A-Z and everywhere in between.  Schedule a FREE consultation with Sir Glamps a lot and Dr. Domes NOW! 


Glamping safari tents offer a truly exciting glamping experience! Walking into a structure that is synonymous with ‘roughing it’ and finding all of the creature comforts associated with indoor accommodations transports you to a whole other world!