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The GD44 is. 44 Ft. Geoome will comfortably fit 20+ people.  This Dome Comes with an exterior weatherproof cover, Stainless Steel powder coated struction, Interior canvas liner and our standard insulation package to keep you comfortable in hot weather or to keep you warm with cold weather as low as 37 degrees outside.  



Size Specifications: 44ft'

Ceiling height: 22 Feet
Approx. dome weight: 4,300 Pounds
Frame package: 80″ x 36″ x 26″
Cover package: 46″ x 40″ x 44″
Bay Window
Assembly Time: 8 to 10 hours with a team of Four-Six

Package Includes

Steel frame - 25 mm in diameter with a set of galvanized fasteners, powder coating. (White color) 

Cover - snow-white PVC membrane, fire-retardant (DIN 4102, B1 / M2), 100% waterproof, very high tensile strength. Resistant to temperature changes and discoloration. Operating temperatures: -30 / + 70. Belgian production 

The door is a hoop - Additional doors may be ordered.

Windows - 6 round windows, 50 cm in diameter and a panoramic window 

Ventilation - 2 ventilation dampers 

Additional options are possible

Magnified panoramic window 

Full-fledged doors 

Rolls and mosquito nets 

Hole for Heating Unit

Tunnel to connect several domes 


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